Yana ZHYLINSKAYA (Яна ЖИЛИНСКАЯ). Yana(a.k.a ZAYCİK) was born in 2001 in Belarus. She moved to Poland with her family after her high school life.

Yana, who studied at a university in Poland, sought ways to earn money as freelancer. She has gained experience by doing all kinds of work for a long time without getting paid. Afterwards, she decided that blogging was the best job for her. Yana, who earns a lot of money thanks to blogger, continues to blogging as well as her other works.

Profession and where to live

The blogger profession is very popular among Russian-speaking people. Blogging, which is a type of entrepreneurship, provides people with the opportunity to work without restrictions of place and time. Yana’s biggest dream is to both travel and earn money by seeing new places. In this, she looked for jobs where she could work remotely instead of a desk job.

Apart from blogging, Yana has also entered the MLM business. She sells the products of a company named NL by selling products and establishing her own sales team.

Having lived in Poland for a long time, Yana dreamed of warm climates and beautiful seas. For this, she first went to Egypt a few times. Afterwards, she discovered Turkey. Turkey is a country with beautiful seas and climate, especially where Russians come frequently. It attracted great attention in Turkey, which is accepted as the middle point of the world, and caused her to move to Antalya.

Many Russians and Ukrainians live in Antalya, Turkey, especially in Alanya. It is quite easy to live in Alanya with only the Russian language, without knowing Turkish or even English. Thanks to this, Yana started to live in Alanya.

Instagram Adresses of Yana

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2. Second instagram adress of Yana

I’m ending this post here for now. I will keep updating this page about Yana’s life frequently.



She is a blogger who was born in 2001 in Belarus and loves to travel.

How old is Yana ZHYLINSKAYA?

She was born in 2001. Currently 22 years old.

Where is Yana ZHYLINSKAYA from?

She is from Belarus.

What is Yana ZHYLINSKAYA’s Profession?

She is an experienced blogger who earns quite a lot of money.

Where is Yana ZHYLINSKAYA living?

She currently lives in Turkey.

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